The list of features is constantly growing. Currently Kscore has support for

  • WAG and MAG
  • FIG and USA (10.0) scoring systems (both can even be used in the same competition).
    • D panel and up to 6 E judges
    • Bonuses and penalties are tracked by the software
  • Automated Gold-Silver-Bronze scoring based on thresholds for developmental athletes
  • Team based results - all scores counted, 6-5-4, or any other similar setup
  • Multi-day competition including FIG Competition I, II, III, and IV (qualification, all-around, event finals, team finals)
  • Byes and multiple judging panels

During and before the meet the program handles the following tasks

  • Registration and payment tracking for both athletes and coaches
  • Rotation schedule creation (drag and drop)
  • Printing of judging sheets (although the recommended alternative is to access them electronically)
  • Printing of rotation schedules (again these can be displayed electronically)
  • Receiving scores from judges - either a minor official (secretary) at each table enters the scores or they can be entered by each judge using a tablet
  • Flashing of scores
  • Display of in-progress results
  • Creation of final results